On Duty 24-7 (Original Title : De garde 24-7)

Documentary Series

24 x 30 minutes

2015 - 2016

Broadcasters : Télé-Québec, Canal Savoir


Viewers were absolutely captivated by Season 1 of the On Duty 24/7 documentary series, as it followed a dozen doctors as they made their daily hospital rounds. Throughout the intense stress and hectic pace, touching moments of rare tender loving care continually come to light. In Season 2, we plunge back into the centre of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals today, while opening the door to new departments such as hemodynamics and oncology. Some of the main characters are back while others with their own ways of looking at things and with different questions are introduced. The documentary also further acknowledges the entire medical team, with special attention paid to the nurses, who work so closely with doctors and patients. Once again, On Duty 24/7 bears witness to the incredible dedication of those who spend their lives working to preserve ours.

With the participation of : Dre Christine Alexander Dre Gabrielle Barbarese Dr Michaël Bensoussan Dr Laurent Boisvert Dr Alexandre Bougie Dre Nayima Clermont-Dejean Dre Marie-Josée Desrochers Dr Karl Fournier Dre Camille Hudon Dr Germain Poirier Dr Sébastien Ratté Dre Chantal Vallée

Directors : François Méthé, Catherine Proulx

Scriptwriters : François Méthé, Paul-Maxime Corbin, Carine Elkouby, Catherine Proulx

Research : Paul-Maxime Corbin

Development Producer : Hugo Roberge

Delegate Producer : Amélie Vachon

Content Producer : Nadia Ruel

Producer : Luc Wiseman

Production : Avanti Ciné Vidéo