4 X 60 minutes


Broadcaster: Séries+


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Malenfant Malenfant takes us into the thick of the daily life of a hard-working, ambitious man—Raymond Malenfant—for whom nothing is impossible. Out of humble beginnings but driven by a relentless desire to build, he gradually carves out an impressive empire. With his wife Colette and their four children by his side, he becomes one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs in the history of Quebec. With Malenfant at the height of his glory, the Manoir Richelieu conflict erupts. As the new owner, he makes headlines when he refuses to acknowledge the trade union in place at the time of purchase. This leads to bankruptcy for Raymond Malenfant—one of the most spectacular bankruptcies in Canadian history—and his hotel empire tumbles like a house of cards. With conventional wisdom believing him utterly destroyed, Raymond Malenfant isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel...

- Luc Picard
- Julie McClemens

- François Chénier
- François L’Écuyer
- Maryève Alary
- Ève Pressault
- Aurélie Morgane
- Hugo Giroux
- Stéphan Krau
- Jean-François Porlier

Author: Claude Paquette

Director: Ricardo Trogi

Content & Executive Producer: Sylvie Roy

Producers: Luc Wiseman (Avanti Ciné Vidéo) & Jacques W. Lina (ORBI-XXI)

Co-production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo & ORBI-XXI