Montréal, ville ouverte


13 X 60 minutes


Broadcaster: TVA

Montréal, ville ouverte is set in wartime Montreal. The city is overrun by gambling and prostitution, and an atmosphere of tolerance and collusion reigns between the police and the mob. This series tells the story of two men who stubbornly set out to clean up the streets of the city: Pacifique Plante (Michel Côté), former deputy police commissioner in charge of morality, and Jean Drapeau (Raymond Cloutier), future mayor of Montreal. Montréal, ville ouverte is a captivating page from Montreal’s history, told by Lise Payette. A gargantuan production involving over 700 actors, 112 studio sets, 91 outdoor filming locations and 75 days of shooting.

- Michel Côté
- Raymond Cloutier
- Roger Léger
- Patricia Tulasne
- Jean Lapointe
- Marcel Sabourin

Author: Lise Payette

Director: Alain Chartrand

Executive Producer: Luc Wiseman

Producers: Jean Bissonnette, Jean-Claude Lespérance

Production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo

Crédit photo : Michel Gauthier