5 X 60 minutes


Broadcaster: TVA

Reruns : Unis TV, Prise 2

Climb in, turn the key, engines ready, off we go…3,000 kilometres of highway, Florida–Montreal in a matter of days, and nearly 70 years of memories going past the windows of a blue Cadillac…This is Willie, a miniseries that feels like a road movie, freely inspired by the life of Willie Lamothe, charismatic personality and shining star of Quebecois country music.

Willie returns to Montreal to be honoured during a grand televised gala. In the company of his wife Jeannette and his chauffeur, he looks back at his professional and family lives. The former is a success, the latter a failure. Memories flow. With them comes the dawning of a new awareness by both Willie and Jeannette that they have experienced the same events from very different perspectives and that they are perhaps communicating for the first time…at last.

The series, penned by Jean Beaudin, was awarded four Gémeaux awards, including an award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Luc Guérin.

- Luc Guérin
- François L’Écuyer
- Nathalie Mallette
- Marcel Sabourin

Authors: Jean Beaudin, Claude Paquette, Marcel Sabourin

Director: Jean Beaudin

Producer: Luc Wiseman

Production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo