Grosse vie


22 X 30 minutes

2008 - 2009

Broadcaster: Radio-Canada


Physically and mentally exhausted by the life of a star, Normand wants to leave his artificial life behind and get back to “real values”—spending time with his wife, children and mother. But as he tries to be a part of the day-to-day life of his loved ones, he gets lost in the simplest details. Is it easy or even possible to return to a so-called “normal” life after living the life of a star for years?

- Normand Brathwaite
- Sophie Prégent
- Gilles Renaud
- Rita Lafontaine
- Jean-François Harrisson
- Catherine Faucher
- Édith Cochrane

Author: Martin Forget

Director: Pierre Lord

Delegate Producer: Sylvie Roy

Producer: Luc Wiseman

Production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo