Majeurs et Vaccinés


13 X 30 minutes


Broadcaster: Radio-Canada

Majeurs et Vaccinés is a modern sitcom that casts a humorous eye on the reality of today’s youth through a series of human stories and adventures. Four young adults from different walks of life share a home. Their divergent values, backgrounds and personal tastes set the stage for situations of conflict. This series received a Gémaux in 1996 for Best Writing in a Comedy or Variety Program or Series.

- Christine Bellier
- Patrice Dubois
- Sylvie Moreau
- Brigitte St-Aubin
- Yanic Truesdale

Authors: Marc Brunet, Stéphan Dubé

Director: Philippe-Louis Martin

Producers: Jean Bissonnette, Jean-Claude Lespérance, Richard Martin, Luc Wiseman

Production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo