3 x rien


66 X 30 minutes

2003 – 2006

Broadcaster: TQS

3 x rien shows the lives of Alex, Louis and Jean-François who, as they enter their thirties, do everything they can to step up and be counted…and sometimes fall flat on their faces in the attempt. A well-dosed mixture of reality and fiction in which these three comedians known as Les Mecs comiques describe the little inconsequential events of everyday life with biting wit. A living comedy of life that is funny and surprising and that describes the everyday existence of young adults through their real concerns, whether futile or existential!

- Jean-François Baril
- Louis Morissette
- Alex Perron
- Julie Perreault
- Jacques Girard
- Manon Gauthier
- Nicholas Vachon
- Jean-François Mercier
- Jézabel Drolet

Authors: Jean-François Baril, Louis Morissette, Alex Perron, Jean-François Mercier, Martin Thibaudeau, Daniel Chiasson, Daniel Gagnon

Directors: Podz, Éric Tessier, Nicolas Monette, Mark Soulard

Producer: Luc Wiseman

Production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo

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