Cher Olivier


4 X 60 minutes


Broadcaster: TVA

Reruns : Unis TV

In Quebec, Cher Olivier remains one of the great series to have been reproduced on the silver screen. André Melançon turns his sensitive and heart-warming gaze on the career of Olivier Guimond, the great comedian who left his mark on an entire province. Cher Olivier is a mirror reflecting an age seen through the life and career of a great star of the stage, marked by his turbulent love life, his battle with alcoholism and his excessive need to be loved. To bring Olivier Guimond back to life, Benoît Brière is surrounded by excellent actors the likes of Rémy Girard, Bernard Fortin, Martine Francke, Sonia Vachon and many more. Cher Olivier swept up nine Gémeaux Award at the 1997 awards gala, including the UniPrix people’s choice award. The starring actor, Benoît Brière won the 1997 MetroStar award in the category male role in a Quebec television series.

- Benoît Brière
- Marc-Antoine Bergeron
- Jean-Guy Bouchard
- Michel Comeau
- Annie Dufresne
- Michèle Duquet
- Bernard Fortin
- Martine Francke
- Rémy Girard
- Samuel Landry
- Marcel Sabourin
- François Tassé
- Janine Thériault
- Denis Trudel
- Sonia Vachon
- Sonia Vigneault

Author: André Melançon

Director: André Melançon

Producers: Jean Bissonnette, Jean-Claude Lespérance, Richard Martin, Robert Ménard, Luc Wiseman

Production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo