Love Bugs

Scripted comedy format

130 episodes x 30 minutes
28 thematic shows x 30 minutes

1997 - 2004

Broadcaster : Radio-Canada, TV5 Monde, Paris Première


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Love Bugs is a fresh, original, innovative and hilarious series that explores the eternal male-female conundrum. No matter how much a couple is in love there are always a few “bugs” in a relationship, and Love Bugs is dedicated to dissecting them all. Whether men and women really are creatures from different planets or just two different sides of the same very human coin, this couple is a perfect example of what happens when men and women try to live together. They must come to grips with all essential subjects that have plagued relationships from time immemorial. Sex. Jealousy. Fantasies. Money. Having children. Dividing the housework. Her friends. His friends. The in-laws. No subject is taboo, or too serious to turn into a hilarious commentary on modern life.

Follow their discussions as they move from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the office to the grocery store, from the movies to the gym. Because wherever they go, laughs are sure to follow. From the minutiae of day-to-day existence to the eternal questions of life and death, this sympathetic couple tackles each situation from their unique gender perspective. Topics run the gamut from strategies for dealing with an antagonistic mother-in-law to matters of etiquette like what can be eaten in bed, how to avoid traffic tickets, and when it’s time to buy new underwear. The more you watch, the more you feel the writers have been privy to intimate conversations between you and your significant other. Yet no matter how well you know them, this couple never ceases to surprise you.

Her impeccable female logic and his no-nonsense attitude to life will have you cheering for one or the other, or both! Love Bugs is guaranteed to stimulate animated discussions around the water-cooler on the day after the show airs.

- The guy: Guy A. Lepage
- The girl: Sylvie Léonard

Original Idea, Script Editor and Principal Author: Guy A. Lepage

Authors: Alexandra Lamy, André Ducharme, André Robitaille, Andrée Lamarre, Andrée Sabourin, Armelle Lesniak , Arnaud Mugler, B. Nguyen, Benny Malapa, Benoit Leduc, Bruno Landry, Catherine Lapointe, Chantal Cadieux, Chantal Francke, Charles Gaudreau, Christian Tétreault, Christian Théberge, Chritiane Vien, Christophe Charuel, Claude Landry, Claude Legault, Claude Meunier, Daniel Thibault, Élyse Marquis, Émile, Gaudreault, Fannie B. Dulude, France Parent, Frédérique S. Côté, Gaël Betts, Geneviève Lapointe, Gérald Sibleras, Ginette Dagenais, Guillaume Vigneault, Henri de Lorme, Isabelle Gaumont, Jacques Davitz, Jean Dell, Jean Dujardin, Jean Pelletier, Jean-François Baril, Jean-François Chicoine, Jean-François Léger, Jean-François Mercier, Jean-François Paradis, Jean-Philippe Gaillard, Laurent Thiphaine, Line Arsenault, Louis Morissette, Louise Richer, Louise Trépanier, M.P. Sanson, Marc Robitaille, Marie-Claude Auger, Marie-France Bazzo, Marie-France Landry, Marie-Frédérique Laberge-Milot, Martin Doyon, Martin Perizzolo, Martin Petit, Mathieu Dubois-Patenôtre, Michel Doriez, Nat Champagne, Nathalie Breuer, Nicolas Lemay, O. Laneurie, Pascal Lavoie, Pascal Serieis, Patrick Lowe, Philippe Daoust, Pierre Meunier, Pierre Verville, Pierre-Michel Tremblay, Pierre-Yves Bernard, Rémi Bellerive, Rémi Vellerive, Roger Léger, Ruth Arseneault, Sophie Kerbellec, Stéphan Dubé, Stéphane Matte, Stéphanie Vasseur, Steve Gallucio, Suzann Méthot, Sylvain Larocque, Sylvain Roy, Sylvie Bouchard, Sylvie Lavigne, Sylvie Léonard, Sylvie Perez, Tommy Bennwick, Valérie Kadima, Witold Tremski, Yves Taschereau and Zoomba

Directors: Guy A. Lepage, Sylvain Roy, Richard Hamel

Content producer: Jean Bissonnette

Producers: Jean-Claude Lespérance, Jean Bissonnette, Luc Wiseman

Production: Avanti Ciné vidéo

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