La Petite Vie


59 X 30 minutes

1993 - 1998

Broadcaster: Radio-Canada, TV5 Monde

The Paré family has been charming audiences in Quebec since they moved into their TVs in 1993. A veritable television phenomenon, La Petite Vie will go down in history for having shattered viewership records and for sweeping the Gémaux and the ADISQ awards. But what really sets Claude Meunier’s singular opus apart is how it has made a place for itself in our collective imagination. Our daily lives are now overflowing with references to this show’s charming characters and their wacky comebacks, making La Petite Vie a veritable cult TV show.

- Claude Meunier
- Serge Thériault
- Josée Deschênes
- Bernard Fortin
- Marc Labrèche
- Diane Lavallée
- Marc Messier
- Guylaine Tremblay

Author: Claude Meunier

Staging: Josée Fortier

Director: Pierre Séguin

Producers: Jean Bissonnette, Jean-Claude Lespérance, Claude Maher, Luc Wiseman

Production: Avanti Ciné Vidéo

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