Pendant ce temps, devant la télé...

The comedy Pendant ce temps, devant la télé... depicts the real and imaginary lives of four young adults running side by side, intermixing the ups and downs of their daily lives with spoofs of TV shows and infomercials. Jonathan and his sister Kim share the basement apartment in their family (...) plus.gif, 0 kB

As-tu vu ça?

A quiz show that is fun, surprising and educational, for children aged 6 to 9. The children learn new things in a playtime atmosphere. Martin Dion MC’s the battle in which two teams—the Zigs and the Zags—face off in games of agility or memory that focus on vocabulary and numbers. Host : Martin (...)

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Franc Croisé

The Franc Croisé show aims to rouse the enthusiasm of youngsters ages 8 to 12 by bringing to the fore their imagination, their memory, their presence of mind and a broad base of knowledge. Two teams made up of three players each meet up at the medieval Francs-Croisé castle. The Lord of the (...)

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