Les détecteurs de mensonges

One of the most popular programs in the history of Quebec television, Les détecteurs de mensonges has had a long and illustrious career on our screens. In collusion with Confucius, Patrice L’Écuyer, with customary verve, plays host to three personalities, who make statements that audiences at home (...) plus.gif, 0 kB

L’avocat du diable

On the set of L’avocat du diable, a team of two personalities chooses to argue for or against a topic thrown out by the host. The other team takes the opposing point of view. A debate ensues during which the studio audience votes for the best team, while bemused host Michel Beaudry looks on. (...)

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Le jeu du siècle

The 20th century is sufficiently rich in events of every stripe and personalities from every walk of life to make a quiz show of it. Simple, interesting and captivating, Le jeu du siècle is a game show that draws on the events and personalities that left their mark on our century—from two world (...)

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Les Beaux Parleurs

Hosted by Patrice L’Écuyer, the game show Les Beaux Parleurs puts the knowledge of people in the street to the test and wagers on the perspicacity of two competing participants in the studio. The studio participants can win cash prizes by determining which of these unknown men and women in the (...)

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Mémoire en jeu

Hosted by Michel Desrochers, Mémoire en jeu opposes two teams that try to memorize as many objects as possible from a big chart. The objects memorized then become the prizes to be won. Host: Michel Desrochers Original Idea: Ghislaine Paradis Director: Mark Soulard Producers: Jean (...)

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Tournoi des mètres

Tournoi des mètres is a quiz show of encyclopaedic knowledge in which 10 teams from 10 regions of Quebec face off. Martin Drainville hosts this all-Quebecois quiz show in which teams stake their success on their regional pride. Participants must answer questions accurately and as quickly as (...)

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