Tout le monde en parle

It is a rare thing to see a show with a name that suits it so perfectly. Everyone is talking about Tout le monde en parle in both France and Quebec. An adaptation of the iconic French show hosted by Thierry Ardisson, the Made in Quebec version, MC’d by Guy A. Lepage, has the ink flowing on this (...) plus.gif, 0 kB

Besoin d’amour

Besoin d’amour is a variety show hosted by the former member of the group RBO known for his fierce sense of humour, Guy A. Lepage. He invites two guests—a popular star from the arts, politics or sports and a lesser-known guest to be discovered. Each show offers musical, dramatic or comedic (...)

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Les fils à papa

Put together a son of Lapointe and a son of Rémy and what do you get? A friendly television magazine show. Érick Rémy presents his press review of the day’s art news—with back-stage reports, premieres, launches, and reviews—and Jean-Marie Lapointe plays host to and interviews the artists who are (...)

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On the airwaves of Radio-Canada since 1995, the talk show L’Écuyer has been produced by Avanti Ciné Vidéo since fall 2000. Modern and close to the audience, L’Écuyer unfolds in an exploded set where every week, the event is created with humour, songs and interviews. Patrice L’Écuyer welcomes the (...)

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L’île de Gildor

Season I : L’île de Gilidor Season II : L’île de Gildor Gildor Roy invites viewers to his island for 60 minutes of relaxation, entertainment and talk to fit the rhythms and colours of summertime. Conversation, comedy, and music follow in quick succession in the company of throngs of guests and (...)

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Une émission couleur de Radio-Canada

Laurent Paquin makes his entry into our daily lives with Une émission couleur de Radio-Canada. Assisted by talented interviewer Marie-Soleil Michon, he offers up an hour of entertainment set to the sometimes frantic, sometimes easy-going pace of summer in the city. Drawing on the current mood of (...)

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