Avanti is an independent production house working primarily in television, but also in the areas of entertainment, distribution and new media.

- We create, develop and produce original concepts for general-audience and specialty stations.
- We acquire foreign formats and oversee their adaptation for audiences in Quebec.
- We work with artists on career management and production of their shows.
- We promote our formats and finished products through the agency of our distribution department.
- We develop projects for the film industry.
- We work in animation through a business partnership with Sardine Productions.
- We take part in the publication of edutainment software through a business partnership with Kutoka Interactive.


To create, develop and produce cultural works of the highest quality and to help promote these works here and abroad.


To contribute to the emergence of new talent and to the increased recognition of promising young artists by sharing the company’s tremendous know-how.

To be bold and innovative in every area of the company’s activity in order to hone our skills in a climate that fosters creativity.




Ever since Avanti Ciné Vidéo was launched in 1989, the quality, diversity and originality of its productions have raised the company head and shoulders above its competitors. Its meteoric rise in the television industry has been built on high ratings and a solid reputation. Avanti Ciné Vidéo’s annual crop of prizes at the Gala des prix Gémeaux and ADISQ bears witness to the recognition of its peers for the aesthetic and artistic qualities of its programs.


A team of seasoned producers rigorously applies the highest quality control to both content and production. It is a matter of policy that ensures that Avanti Ciné Vidéo programs will always sustain and enhance the international reputation of Quebec television expertise. The team is also constantly at work developing new projects that target both general and specialty networks in equal measure. The infectious, creative pleasure that marks every stage of Avanti Ciné Vidéo’s production processes invariably works its way into the energy transmitted via the small screen.


Over the years, the company has also built close relationships with Quebec’s best creative talents. Some of Quebec’s greatest ever television successes have been the product of these collaborations that are based on mutual trust and the sheer buzz of working together. In addition to such relationships, Avanti Ciné Vidéo is forever on the lookout for new talents. Using a canny mix of knowledge and intuition, its leaders regularly give young directors and writers their first break thereby keeping up the flow of original and innovative television products.


Production is only part of the Avanti Ciné Vidéo picture. The company is actively involved in taking its products to market and offers broadcasters exceptional support all the way from pre-production through to broadcast. They can also count on Avanti Ciné Vidéo’s communications shop for the planning and development of tools for media relations, advertising and promotions that will maximize the performance and impact of programs.

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Avanti Ciné Vidéo has been rubbing shoulders with the world of stage production for quite some time. In music, Avanti has designed a great many variety shows, captured on tape for television, such as Musique du monde…d’ici, Je vous parle d’un temps, Chansons du 7e Art and three editions of Célébration. From the beginning the company has always worked with the crème de la crème of comic writers and comedians one a great many comedies, some of which were filmed in front of a live audience—namely La Petite Vie, Catherine, Les Mecs Comiques and C’est mon show.


In 2005, the company was approached by various artists in search of a producer—established comedians who want to do things differently or up-and-coming comedians who want to take their career development to the next level. To meet the needs of these artists, Avanti set up a new division dedicated to stage productions.


Taking on the role of producer and, at times, manager, Avanti Scène and Avanti Présente entered into a variety of partnerships with established institutions in the stage production industry. The artists, then, are represented by agents recognized for success in selling their shows to regional audiences. Moreover, the internal communications department benefits from the experience of advisors specializing in the humour and stage production industries for its media relations, promotion and advertising needs.


A small player in a vast industry, Avanti intends to lay a solid foundation in the world of stage production. Working at once with established artists and up-and-coming comedians, the company is betting on its established reputation while reaching for a bright future of expanding dreams. A small staff is now working full time to establish different structures while creating new vehicles to foster the emergence of the company’s artists as well as their long-term career development.

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Our programs have many lives beyond their first run. Exported formats, original productions that people want to see again and again, marketing DVDs…a myriad of possibilities for keeping our expansive catalogue of original productions vibrant and alive.